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English translation of 'interrogare'



transitive verb

    1. (gen) to question
    2. (law) to examine
    3. (school) to examine, test
    essere interrogato to have an oral test
    sono stato interrogato in storia oggi I had an oral test in history today
    mi ha interrogato in matematica he examined me in maths
    l'insegnante di inglese mi ha interrogato sul futuro the English teacher tested me on the future tense
    la polizia vuole interrogarlo the police want to question him
    lo interrogarono in merito agli ultimi avvenimenti they questioned him regarding recent events
    interrogare gli astri (astrology) to consult the stars

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'interrogare' in Other Languages

British English: interrogate /ɪnˈtɛrəˌɡeɪt/ VERB
If someone, especially a police officer, interrogates someone, they question him or her for a long time, in order to get information.
The police interrogated him for 90 minutes.
  • American English: interrogate
  • Arabic: يَسْتَجْوِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: interrogar
  • Chinese: 盘问
  • Croatian: ispitivati
  • Czech: vyslýchat
  • Danish: forhøre
  • Dutch: ondervragen
  • European Spanish: interrogar
  • Finnish: kuulustella
  • French: interroger
  • German: verhören
  • Greek: ανακρίνω
  • Italian: interrogare
  • Japanese: 質問する
  • Korean: 심문하다
  • Norwegian: forhøre
  • Polish: przesłuchać
  • European Portuguese: interrogar
  • Romanian: a interoga
  • Russian: допрашивать
  • Spanish: interrogar
  • Swedish: fråga ut
  • Thai: สอบปากคำ
  • Turkish: sorgulamak
  • Ukrainian: допитувати
  • Vietnamese: chất vấn
British English: question /ˈkwɛstʃən/ VERB
If you question someone, you ask them questions about something.
I questioned him on his adventures.
  • American English: question
  • Arabic: يَسْتَجْوِب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: questionar
  • Chinese: 询问
  • Croatian: ispitivati
  • Czech: vyslýchat
  • Danish: sætte spørgsmålstegn ved
  • Dutch: ondervragen
  • European Spanish: preguntar
  • Finnish: asettaa kyseenalaiseksi
  • French: questionner
  • German: befragen
  • Greek: αμφιβάλλω
  • Italian: interrogare
  • Japanese: 質問する
  • Korean: 질문하다
  • Norwegian: spørre
  • Polish: zadać pytania
  • European Portuguese: questionar
  • Romanian: a întreba
  • Russian: задавать вопрос
  • Spanish: preguntar
  • Swedish: ifrågasätta
  • Thai: ไต่ถาม
  • Turkish: sormak
  • Ukrainian: запитувати
  • Vietnamese: hỏi
British English: quiz VERB
If you are quizzed by someone about something, they ask you questions about it.
He was quizzed about his income, debts and eligibility for state benefits.


Translation of interrogare from the Collins Italian to English
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