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English translation of 'lamentare'



transitive verb

  1. to lament
    si lamentano gravi perdite heavy losses are reported

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'lamentare' in Other Languages

British English: bemoan VERB
If you bemoan something, you express sorrow or dissatisfaction about it.
Universities bemoan their lack of funds.
  • American English: bemoan
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lamentar
  • Chinese: 惋惜
  • European Spanish: lamentarse de
  • French: déplorer
  • German: beklagen
  • Italian: lamentare
  • Japanese: 不平を漏らす
  • Korean: 한탄하다
  • European Portuguese: lamentar
  • Spanish: lamentarse de
British English: lament VERB
If you lament something, you express your sadness about it.
He began to lament the death of his only son.
  • American English: lament
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lamentar-se de
  • Chinese: 感到悲痛
  • European Spanish: lamentarse de
  • French: se lamenter sur
  • German: beklagen
  • Italian: lamentare
  • Japanese: 嘆き悲しむ
  • Korean: 애도하다
  • European Portuguese: lamentar-se de
  • Spanish: lamentarse de


Translation of lamentare from the Collins Italian to English
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