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transitive verb

  1. (gen) to wash
    lava la macchina tutte le domeniche he washes his car every Sunday
    lavare a mano to wash by hand, handwash
    lavare a secco to dry-clean
    lavare i piatti to wash the dishes, do the washing up, wash up
    lavare la testa a qn to wash sb's hair
  2. (figurative, purificare) to cleanse, purify
  3. lavarsi le mani/i capelli to wash one's hands/hair
    lavarsi i denti to clean o brush one's teeth
    me ne lavo le mani (figurative) I wash my hands of it
See lavarsi

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'lavare' in Other Languages

British English: wash /wɒʃ/ VERB
If you wash something, you clean it using water and usually a substance such as soap or detergent.
He got a job washing dishes in a pizza parlour.
  • American English: wash
  • Arabic: يَغْسِلُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lavar
  • Chinese: 洗涤
  • Croatian: prati
  • Czech: mýt
  • Danish: vaske
  • Dutch: wassen
  • European Spanish: lavar
  • Finnish: pestä
  • French: laver
  • German: waschen
  • Greek: πλένω
  • Italian: lavare
  • Japanese: 洗う
  • Korean: 씻다
  • Norwegian: vaske
  • Polish: umyć
  • European Portuguese: lavar
  • Romanian: a (se) spăla
  • Russian: мыть
  • Spanish: lavar
  • Swedish: tvätta
  • Thai: ล้าง
  • Turkish: yıkamak
  • Ukrainian: мити
  • Vietnamese: rửa


Translation of lavare from the Collins Italian to English
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