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English translation of 'lupo'



masculine noun

  1. wolf
    cane lupo alsatian (Brit), German shepherd
    avere una fame da lupi to be ravenous o famished
    gridare al lupo to cry wolf
    tempo da lupi filthy weather
    in bocca al lupo! good luck!
    il lupo perde il pelo ma non il vizio (Proverbio) the leopard cannot change its spots

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'lupo' in Other Languages

British English: wolf /wʊlf/ NOUN
A wolf is a wild animal that looks like a large dog.
  • American English: wolf
  • Arabic: ذِئْب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: lobo
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: vuk
  • Czech: vlk
  • Danish: ulv
  • Dutch: wolf
  • European Spanish: lobo
  • Finnish: susi
  • French: loup
  • German: Wolf
  • Greek: λύκος
  • Italian: lupo
  • Japanese: オオカミ
  • Korean: 늑대
  • Norwegian: ulv
  • Polish: wilk
  • European Portuguese: lobo
  • Romanian: lup
  • Russian: волк
  • Spanish: lobo
  • Swedish: varg
  • Thai: สุนัขป่า
  • Turkish: kurt
  • Ukrainian: вовк
  • Vietnamese: chó sói


Translation of lupo from the Collins Italian to English
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