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English translation of 'macinare'



transitive verb

    1. (grano, caffè) to grind
    2. (carne) to mince (Brit), grind (US)
    caffè macinato ground coffee
    carne macinata mince
    macinare i chilometri to eat up the miles

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'macinare' in Other Languages

British English: grind /ɡraɪnd/ VERB
When something such as corn or coffee is ground, it is crushed until it becomes a fine powder.
...freshly ground coffee.
  • American English: grind
  • Arabic: يَطْحَن
  • Brazilian Portuguese: moer
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: mljeti
  • Czech: mlít kávu apod.
  • Danish: male
  • Dutch: malen
  • European Spanish: moler
  • Finnish: jauhaa
  • French: moudre
  • German: mahlen
  • Greek: αλέθω
  • Italian: macinare
  • Japanese: 挽く
  • Korean: ...을 갈아 (가루로) 만들다
  • Norwegian: kverne
  • Polish: zemleć
  • European Portuguese: moer
  • Romanian: a măcina
  • Russian: молоть
  • Spanish: moler
  • Swedish: mala
  • Thai: บด
  • Turkish: öğütmek
  • Ukrainian: молоти
  • Vietnamese: xay
British English: mill VERB
To mill something such as wheat or pepper means to grind it in a mill.
They do not have the capacity to mill the grain.
  • American English: mill
  • Brazilian Portuguese: moer
  • Chinese: 碾磨
  • European Spanish: moler
  • French: moudre
  • German: mahlen
  • Italian: macinare
  • Japanese: 製粉する
  • Korean: 제분하다
  • European Portuguese: moer
  • Spanish: moler


Translation of macinare from the Collins Italian to English
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