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English translation of 'nascosto'



past participle of verb

  1. of nascondere


  1. hidden
    un pericolo nascosto a hidden danger
    tenere nascosto qc to keep sth hidden
    gli hanno tenuto nascosta la notizia they concealed o kept the news from him
    di nascosto secretly
    fare qc di nascosto to do sth secretly
    andarsene di nascosto to slip away

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(nasˈkondere) (irregular)

transitive verb

  1. (gen) to hide, conceal
    dove hai nascosto la lettera? where have you hidden the letter?
    nascondere il viso tra le mani to bury one's face in one's hands
    nascondere qc alla vista di qn to hide sth from sb
    nascondere la verità a qn to hide o keep the truth from sb
    non nascondo che mi farebbe molto piacere I make no secret of the fact that I would like it

'nascosto' in Other Languages

British English: hidden /ˈhɪdn/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is hidden is not easily noticed.
...hidden dangers.
  • American English: hidden
  • Arabic: مَخْفِيّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: escondido
  • Chinese: 隐藏的
  • Croatian: sakriven
  • Czech: skrytý
  • Danish: skjult
  • Dutch: verborgen
  • European Spanish: oculto
  • Finnish: piilevä
  • French: caché
  • German: versteckt
  • Greek: κρυφός
  • Italian: nascosto
  • Japanese: 隠された
  • Korean: 숨겨진
  • Norwegian: skjult
  • Polish: ukryty
  • European Portuguese: escondido
  • Romanian: ascuns
  • Russian: спрятанный
  • Spanish: oculto
  • Swedish: dold
  • Thai: ซึ่งปิดบัง
  • Turkish: saklı
  • Ukrainian: прихований
  • Vietnamese: tiềm ẩn
British English: covert ADJECTIVE
Covert activities or situations are secret or hidden.
They have been supplying covert military aid to the rebels.
British English: underlying ADJECTIVE
The underlying features of an object, event, or situation are not obvious, and it may be difficult to discover or reveal them.
To stop a problem you have to understand its underlying causes.


Translation of nascosto from the Collins Italian to English
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