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masculine noun

    1. (gen) horror
    2. (ribrezzo) disgust, loathing
    avere orrore di qc to loathe o detest sth
    avere in orrore qn/qc to loathe o detest sb/sth
    i ragni mi fanno orrore I have a horror of spiders, I loathe spiders
    gli orrori della guerra the horrors of war
    che orrore! how awful o dreadful!
    quel quadro è un orrore that painting is hideous
    film dell'orrore horror film (Brit) o movie (US)

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'orrore' in Other Languages

British English: horror /ˈhɒrə/ NOUN
Horror is a strong feeling of alarm caused by something extremely unpleasant.
I felt numb with horror.
  • American English: horror
  • Arabic: فَزَع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: horror
  • Chinese: 恐怖
  • Croatian: strava
  • Czech: hrůza
  • Danish: rædsel
  • Dutch: verschrikking
  • European Spanish: horror
  • Finnish: kauhu
  • French: horreur
  • German: Entsetzen
  • Greek: φρίκη
  • Italian: orrore
  • Japanese: 恐怖
  • Korean: 공포
  • Norwegian: redsel
  • Polish: przerażenie
  • European Portuguese: horror
  • Romanian: groază
  • Russian: ужас
  • Spanish: horror
  • Swedish: fasa
  • Thai: ความเลวร้ายมาก
  • Turkish: dehşet
  • Ukrainian: жах
  • Vietnamese: sự ghê rợn


Translation of orrore from the Collins Italian to English
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