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English translation of 'pacco'



masculine noun

  1. package, parcel
    1. (di farina, zucchero) bag
    un grosso pacco marrone a large brown parcel
    c'era un grosso pacco per lui sotto l'albero there was a big parcel for him under the tree
    un pacco di zucchero a bag of sugar
    carta da pacchi brown paper (da regalo) wrapping paper
  2. (involto) bundle
  3. (vulgar, organo genitale maschile) lunchbox

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'pacco' in Other Languages

British English: pack /pæk/ NOUN
A pack of things is a collection of them that is sold or given together in a box or bag.
The club will send a free information pack.
  • American English: pack
  • Arabic: رَزْمَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pacote
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: paket
  • Czech: balíček prodejní
  • Danish: pakke
  • Dutch: pakket bundel
  • European Spanish: fardo
  • Finnish: pakkaus
  • French: paquet
  • German: Bündel
  • Greek: δέμα
  • Italian: pacco
  • Japanese: 荷物
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: oppakning
  • Polish: pakunek
  • European Portuguese: pacote
  • Romanian: pachet
  • Russian: ранец
  • Spanish: paquete
  • Swedish: packe
  • Thai: ห่อบรรจุ
  • Turkish: yük
  • Ukrainian: пакет
  • Vietnamese: túm
British English: parcel /ˈpɑːsl/ NOUN
A parcel is something wrapped in paper, usually so that it can be sent to someone by post.
He had a large brown paper parcel under his left arm.
  • American English: package
  • Arabic: طَرْدٌ علبة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pacote
  • Chinese: 小包
  • Croatian: pošiljka
  • Czech: balík poštovní
  • Danish: pakke
  • Dutch: pakje
  • European Spanish: paquete grande
  • Finnish: paketti
  • French: colis
  • German: Paket
  • Greek: δέμα
  • Italian: pacco
  • Japanese: 小包
  • Korean: 소포
  • Norwegian: pakke
  • Polish: paczka
  • European Portuguese: pacote
  • Romanian: colet
  • Russian: посылка
  • Spanish: paquete
  • Swedish: paket
  • Thai: พัสดุ
  • Turkish: paket
  • Ukrainian: пакунок
  • Vietnamese: gói
British English: parcel NOUN
A parcel is something wrapped in paper, usually so that it can be sent to someone by post.
...parcels of food and clothing.


Translation of pacco from the Collins Italian to English
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