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English translation of 'parsimonioso'




  1. frugal, thrifty

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'parsimonioso' in Other Languages

British English: thrifty /ˈθrɪftɪ/ ADJECTIVE
If you say that someone is thrifty, you are praising them for saving money, not buying unnecessary things, and not wasting things.
My mother taught me to be thrifty.
  • American English: thrifty
  • Arabic: مُقْتَصِد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: econômico
  • Chinese: 节约的
  • Croatian: štedljiv
  • Czech: šetrný
  • Danish: sparsommelig
  • Dutch: zuinig
  • European Spanish: ahorrativo
  • Finnish: säästäväinen
  • French: économe
  • German: sparsam
  • Greek: σφιχτοχέρης
  • Italian: parsimonioso
  • Japanese: 倹約な
  • Korean: 검소한
  • Norwegian: sparsommelig
  • Polish: oszczędny
  • European Portuguese: poupado
  • Romanian: econom
  • Russian: бережливый
  • Spanish: ahorrativo
  • Swedish: sparsam
  • Thai: ตระหนี่
  • Turkish: tutumlu
  • Ukrainian: бережливий
  • Vietnamese: tiết kiệm
British English: sparing ADJECTIVE
Someone who is sparing with something uses it or gives it only in very small quantities.
I'm never sparing with the garlic.


Translation of parsimonioso from the Collins Italian to English
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