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English translation of 'ritmo'



masculine noun

  1. (gen) rhythm
    ballare al ritmo di valzer to waltz
  2. (figurative, velocità) speed, rate
    al ritmo di at a speed o rate of
    a questo ritmo at this rate
    il ritmo frenetico della vita moderna the frantic pace of life today

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transitive verb

  1. ritmare il passo or ritmare la corsa to keep the rhythm, keep in rhythm

'ritmo' in Other Languages

British English: pace /peɪs/ NOUN
speed The pace of something is the speed at which it happens or is done.
Many people were not satisfied with the pace of change.
  • American English: pace
  • Arabic: سُرْعَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: passo
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: tempo
  • Czech: tempo rychlost
  • Danish: hastighed
  • Dutch: tempo stap
  • European Spanish: paso ritmo
  • Finnish: askel tahti
  • French: allure
  • German: Schritt
  • Greek: βήμα
  • Italian: ritmo
  • Japanese: 歩調
  • Korean: 보조
  • Norwegian: skritt
  • Polish: tempo
  • European Portuguese: ritmo
  • Romanian: ritm
  • Russian: частота
  • Spanish: paso ritmo
  • Swedish: tempo
  • Thai: จังหวะความเร็ว
  • Turkish: adım
  • Ukrainian: хід
  • Vietnamese: bước chân
British English: rhythm /ˈrɪðəm/ NOUN
A rhythm is a regular series of sounds, movements, or actions.
...the rhythm of the music.
  • American English: rhythm
  • Arabic: إِيْقاع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ritmo
  • Chinese: 节奏
  • Croatian: ritam
  • Czech: rytmus
  • Danish: rytme
  • Dutch: ritme
  • European Spanish: ritmo compás
  • Finnish: rytmi
  • French: rythme
  • German: Rhythmus
  • Greek: ρυθμός
  • Italian: ritmo
  • Japanese: リズム
  • Korean: 리듬
  • Norwegian: rytme
  • Polish: rytm
  • European Portuguese: ritmo
  • Romanian: ritm
  • Russian: ритм
  • Spanish: ritmo cadencia, son
  • Swedish: rytm
  • Thai: จังหวะ
  • Turkish: ritim
  • Ukrainian: ритм
  • Vietnamese: nhịp điệu
British English: tempo NOUN
The tempo of an event is the speed at which it happens.
...owing to the slow tempo of change in an overwhelmingly rural country.
  • American English: tempo
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tempo
  • Chinese: > 速度事件发展的
  • European Spanish: tiempo
  • French: rythme
  • German: Tempo
  • Italian: ritmo
  • Japanese: 速さ
  • Korean: 속도
  • European Portuguese: tempo
  • Spanish: tiempo


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