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English translation of 'schiacciare'



transitive verb

    1. (gen) to squash, crush
    2. (patate) to mash
    3. (aglio) to crush
    4. (noce) to crack
    5. (mozzicone) to stub out
    la macchina gli ha schiacciato un piede the car crushed his foot
    schiacciare la palla (tennis, volleyball) to smash the ball
    schiacciare un sonnellino to take o have a nap
    schiacciarsi un dito nella porta to shut one's finger in the door
    1. (pulsante) to press
    2. (pedale) to press down
  1. (figurative)
    1. (opposizione, nemico) to crush
    2. (squadra avversaria) to hammer
    era schiacciato da un senso di colpa he was weighed down by feelings of guilt

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'schiacciare' in Other Languages

British English: crush /krʌʃ/ VERB
To crush something means to press it very hard so that its shape is destroyed or so that it breaks into pieces.
He crushed his empty drinks can.
  • American English: crush
  • Arabic: يَسْحَقُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esmagar
  • Chinese: 压碎
  • Croatian: zdrobiti
  • Czech: drtit
  • Danish: knuse
  • Dutch: in elkaar drukken
  • European Spanish: aplastar aplanar
  • Finnish: musertaa
  • French: écraser détruire
  • German: zerquetschen
  • Greek: συνθλίβω
  • Italian: schiacciare
  • Japanese: 押しつぶす
  • Korean: 으깨다
  • Norwegian: knuse
  • Polish: zgnieść
  • European Portuguese: esmagar
  • Romanian: a zdrobi
  • Russian: дробить
  • Spanish: aplastar
  • Swedish: krossa
  • Thai: บดละเอียด
  • Turkish: ezmek sıkıştırarak
  • Ukrainian: зминати
  • Vietnamese: ép
British English: squash /skwɒʃ/ VERB
If someone or something is squashed, they are pressed or crushed with such force that they become injured or lose their shape.
He was squashed against a fence by a car.
  • American English: squash
  • Arabic: يَهْرُسُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esmagar
  • Chinese: 压扁
  • Croatian: zgnječiti
  • Czech: rozmačkat sirup
  • Danish: mase
  • Dutch: platdrukken
  • European Spanish: aplastar espachurrar
  • Finnish: litistää
  • French: écraser aplatir
  • German: zerquetschen
  • Greek: ζουλάω
  • Italian: schiacciare
  • Japanese: 押しつぶす
  • Korean: 짓누르다
  • Norwegian: mose
  • Polish: zgnieść
  • European Portuguese: esmagar
  • Romanian: a strivi
  • Russian: раздавливать
  • Spanish: aplastar
  • Swedish: krama sönder
  • Thai: เบียดเสียด
  • Turkish: ezmek baskı yaparak
  • Ukrainian: тиснути
  • Vietnamese: nén ép
British English: swat /swɒt/ VERB
If you swat an insect, you hit it with a quick, swinging movement.
I use this thing to swat flies.
  • American English: swat
  • Arabic: يَضْرِبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: esmagar
  • Chinese: 猛击
  • Croatian: mlatnuti
  • Czech: plácnout mouchu
  • Danish: klaske
  • Dutch: meppen
  • European Spanish: golpear con contundencia
  • Finnish: läimäyttää
  • French: écraser mouche
  • German: schlagen
  • Greek: κοπανάω
  • Italian: schiacciare
  • Japanese: ピシャリと打つ
  • Korean: 찰싹 때리다
  • Norwegian: smekke
  • Polish: pacnąć
  • European Portuguese: esmagar
  • Romanian: a pocni
  • Russian: шлепать
  • Spanish: golpear con contundencia
  • Swedish: smälla
  • Thai: ตีอย่างแรง
  • Turkish: vurmak sineklik gibi yassı bir şeyle
  • Ukrainian: бити із силою
  • Vietnamese: đánh mạnh
British English: mash VERB
If you mash food that is solid but soft, you crush it so that it forms a soft mass.
Mash the bananas with a fork.


Translation of schiacciare from the Collins Italian to English
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