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English translation of 'spaventoso'




    1. (sogno, avventura) frightening
    2. (incidente, delitto) horrifying, terrible
    3. (figurative, informal)
      1. (incredibile) incredible
      2. (tempesta) terrible
      3. (prezzi) appalling
    ho una fame spaventosa I'm ravenous
    ho fatto una figura spaventosa I made an awful fool of myself

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'spaventoso' in Other Languages

British English: appalling /əˈpɔːlɪŋ/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is appalling is so bad that it shocks you.
They have been living under appalling conditions.
  • American English: appalling
  • Arabic: مُرَوِّع
  • Brazilian Portuguese: pavoroso
  • Chinese: 骇人听闻的
  • Croatian: užasan
  • Czech: strašný
  • Danish: forfærdende
  • Dutch: ontstellend
  • European Spanish: atroz espantoso
  • Finnish: kauhistuttava
  • French: atroce
  • German: entsetzlich
  • Greek: απωθητικός
  • Italian: spaventoso
  • Japanese: ぞっとするような
  • Korean: 무서운
  • Norwegian: fryktelig
  • Polish: przerażający
  • European Portuguese: pavoroso
  • Romanian: îngrozitor
  • Russian: ужасный
  • Spanish: atroz
  • Swedish: förfärlig
  • Thai: ซึ่งทำให้ตกใจ
  • Turkish: korkunç
  • Ukrainian: жахливий
  • Vietnamese: kinh khủng
British English: scary /ˈskɛərɪ/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is scary is rather frightening.
The film is too scary for children.
  • American English: scary
  • Arabic: مُخِيف
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assustador
  • Chinese: 引起惊慌的
  • Croatian: strašan
  • Czech: strašidelný
  • Danish: skræmmende
  • Dutch: eng
  • European Spanish: espeluznante
  • Finnish: pelottava
  • French: effrayant
  • German: gruselig
  • Greek: τρομακτικός
  • Italian: spaventoso
  • Japanese: 怖い
  • Korean: 무시무시한
  • Norwegian: skremmende
  • Polish: budzący strach
  • European Portuguese: assustador
  • Romanian: înfricoșător
  • Russian: страшный
  • Spanish: espeluznante
  • Swedish: skrämmande
  • Thai: น่าตกใจ
  • Turkish: korkutucu
  • Ukrainian: страшний
  • Vietnamese: đáng sợ
British English: fearsome ADJECTIVE
Fearsome is used to describe things that are frightening, for example because of their large size or extreme nature.
He had developed a fearsome reputation for intimidating people.
British English: horrific ADJECTIVE
If you describe a physical attack, accident, or injury as horrific, you mean that it is very bad.
I have never seen such horrific injuries.


Translation of spaventoso from the Collins Italian to English
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