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feminine noun

    1. (gen) road
    2. (di città) street
    andare fuori strada (automobiles) to go off the road
    attraversare la strada to cross the road
    tagliare la strada a qn to cut across in front of sb
    l'uomo della strada (figurative) the man in the street
    donna di strada (figurative, pejorative) streetwalker
    ragazzo di strada (figurative, pejorative) street urchin
  1. (percorso) way
    qual è la strada per andare al cinema? which is the way to the cinema?, how does one get to the cinema?
    mostrare la strada a qn to show sb the way
    c'è tanta strada da fare? is it a long way?
    tre ore di strada (a piedi)/(in macchina) three hours' walk/drive
    non è sulla mia strada it's not on my way
    facciamo la strada insieme? shall we go along together?
    strada facendo on the way
  2. (figurative) path, way, road
    essere sulla buona strada (nella vita) to be on the right road o path (police, ricerca) to be on the right track
    essere fuori strada (police) to be on the wrong track
    portare qn sulla cattiva strada to lead sb astray
  3. (fraseologia)
    fare o farsi strada (figurative, persona) to get on in life
    farsi strada tra la folla to make one's way through the crowd
    trovarsi in mezzo ad una strada to find o.s. out on the streets
    fare strada a qn to show sb the way
    ti faccio strada I'll show you the way
Italy has a good network of roads and motorways. Main roads are indicated by blue signs, while the motorways have green signs. Italian motorways are numbered A1, A2, A3 and so on, and almost all are toll roads. The speed limit in Italy is 50 kmh in built-up areas, 90 kmh on main roads and 130 kmh on motorways, unless a different limit is indicated.

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'strada' in Other Languages

British English: road /rəʊd/ NOUN
A road is a long piece of hard ground built between two places so that people can drive or ride easily from one to the other.
There was very little traffic on the roads.
  • American English: road
  • Arabic: طَرِيق
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rodovia
  • Chinese: 道路
  • Croatian: cesta
  • Czech: silnice
  • Danish: vej
  • Dutch: weg
  • European Spanish: carretera
  • Finnish: tie
  • French: route
  • German: Straße
  • Greek: δρόμος
  • Italian: strada
  • Japanese: 道路
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: vei
  • Polish: droga
  • European Portuguese: estrada
  • Romanian: drum
  • Russian: дорога
  • Spanish: carretera
  • Swedish: väg
  • Thai: ถนน
  • Turkish: yol
  • Ukrainian: дорога
  • Vietnamese: con đường
British English: way /weɪ/ NOUN
manner A way of doing something is how you do it.
This is the way to throw the ball.
  • American English: way
  • Arabic: سَبِيل
  • Brazilian Portuguese: maneira
  • Chinese: 方法
  • Croatian: način
  • Czech: způsob
  • Danish: vej
  • Dutch: manier
  • European Spanish: camino
  • Finnish: tapa tyyli, keino
  • French: façon
  • German: Weg
  • Greek: τρόπος
  • Italian: strada
  • Japanese: 方法
  • Korean: 방법
  • Norwegian: måte
  • Polish: droga
  • European Portuguese: maneira
  • Romanian: mod
  • Russian: путь
  • Spanish: camino
  • Swedish: väg
  • Thai: วิธีหรือแนวทาง
  • Turkish: yol
  • Ukrainian: спосіб
  • Vietnamese: cách thức
British English: pathway NOUN
course of action A pathway is a particular course of action or a way of achieving something.
Diplomacy will smooth your pathway to success.


Translation of strada from the Collins Italian to English
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