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feminine noun

  1. (also figurative) trap
    prendere qn/qc in trappola (also figurative) to catch sb/sth in a trap
    cadere in trappola (also figurative) to fall into a trap
    sono caduti nella trappola della polizia they fell into the police trap
    tendere una trappola a qn to set a trap for sb
  2. (pejorative, auto) old wreck

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'trappola' in Other Languages

British English: trap /træp/ NOUN
A trap is a device which is placed somewhere or a hole which is dug somewhere in order to catch animals or birds.
Nathan's dog got caught in a trap.
  • American English: trap
  • Arabic: مِصْيَدَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: armadilha
  • Chinese: 陷阱
  • Croatian: klopka
  • Czech: past
  • Danish: fælde
  • Dutch: val valstrik
  • European Spanish: trampa caza
  • Finnish: ansa
  • French: piège
  • German: Falle
  • Greek: παγίδα
  • Italian: trappola
  • Japanese: わな
  • Korean: 올가미
  • Norwegian: felle
  • Polish: pułapka
  • European Portuguese: armadilha
  • Romanian: capcană
  • Russian: ловушка
  • Spanish: trampa
  • Swedish: fälla fallgrop
  • Thai: กับดัก
  • Turkish: tuzak
  • Ukrainian: пастка
  • Vietnamese: cái bẫy
British English: snare NOUN
A snare is a trap for catching birds or small animals. It consists of a loop of wire or rope which pulls tight around the animal.
I felt like an animal caught in a snare.
  • American English: snare
  • Brazilian Portuguese: armadilha
  • Chinese: > 罗网捕捉鸟或小动物的
  • European Spanish: trampa
  • French: piège
  • German: Falle
  • Italian: trappola
  • Japanese: わな
  • Korean:
  • European Portuguese: armadilha
  • Spanish: trampa


Translation of trappola from the Collins Italian to English
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