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English translation of 'tumulto'



masculine noun

    1. (di folla)
      1. (rumore) commotion, uproar
      2. (agitazione) turmoil, tumult
    2. (sommossa) riot
  1. (figurative, di pensieri, desideri) turmoil
    avere l'animo in tumulto to be in a turmoil

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'tumulto' in Other Languages

British English: riot /ˈraɪət/ NOUN
When there is a riot, a crowd of people behave violently in a public place, for example they fight, throw stones, or damage buildings and vehicles.
Twelve people were injured during a riot at the prison.
  • American English: riot
  • Arabic: شَغَب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: distúrbio
  • Chinese: 骚乱
  • Croatian: pobuna
  • Czech: výtržnosti
  • Danish: oprør
  • Dutch: rel
  • European Spanish: disturbio
  • Finnish: mellakka
  • French: émeute
  • German: Aufruhr
  • Greek: εξέγερση
  • Italian: tumulto
  • Japanese: 暴動
  • Korean: 폭동
  • Norwegian: opprør
  • Polish: bunt
  • European Portuguese: distúrbio
  • Romanian: răzmeriță
  • Russian: бунт
  • Spanish: disturbio
  • Swedish: upplopp
  • Thai: การจลาจล
  • Turkish: ayaklanma
  • Ukrainian: заколот
  • Vietnamese: sự náo loạn
British English: commotion NOUN
A commotion is a lot of noise, confusion, and excitement.
He heard a commotion outside.
British English: uproar NOUN
If there is uproar, there is a lot of shouting and noise because people are very angry or upset about something.
The announcement caused uproar in the crowd.


Translation of tumulto from the Collins Italian to English
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