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English translation of 'verso l'alto'

verso l'alto

  1. upwards
See verso3 (sense 1)

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'verso l'alto' in Other Languages

British English: upward ADJECTIVE
An upward movement or look is directed towards a higher place or a higher level.
She started once again on the steep upward climb.
  • American English: upward
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ascendente
  • Chinese: 向上的
  • European Spanish: hacia arriba
  • French: ascendant
  • German: Aufwärts-
  • Italian: verso l'alto
  • Japanese: 上方への
  • Korean: 올라가는
  • European Portuguese: ascendente
  • Spanish: hacia arriba
British English: upwards /ˈʌpwədz/ ADVERB
If someone moves or looks upwards, they move or look up towards a higher place.
`There,' he said, pointing upwards.
  • American English: upward
  • Arabic: صَاعِداً
  • Brazilian Portuguese: para cima
  • Chinese: 向上
  • Croatian: prema gore
  • Czech: nahoru
  • Danish: opad
  • Dutch: naar boven
  • European Spanish: hacia arriba
  • Finnish: ylöspäin
  • French: vers le haut
  • German: aufwärts
  • Greek: προς τα πάνω
  • Italian: verso l’alto
  • Japanese: 上へ向かって
  • Korean: 위쪽으로
  • Norwegian: oppover
  • Polish: w górę
  • European Portuguese: para cima
  • Romanian: în sus
  • Russian: вверх
  • Spanish: hacia arriba
  • Swedish: uppåt
  • Thai: ขึ้นไปทางเหนือ
  • Turkish: yukarıya doğru
  • Ukrainian: догори
  • Vietnamese: về phía trên


Translation of verso l'alto from the Collins Italian to English
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