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English translation of 'corrimão'


Word forms: plural corrimãos
masculine noun

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'corrimão' in Other Languages

British English: banister /ˈbænɪstə/ NOUN
A banister is a rail supported by posts and fixed along the side of a staircase.
I still remember sliding down the banister.
  • American English: banister
  • Arabic: دَرابِزين
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corrimão
  • Chinese: 扶栏
  • Croatian: ograda na stubištu
  • Czech: zábradlí
  • Danish: gelænder
  • Dutch: trapleuning
  • European Spanish: barandilla
  • Finnish: kaide
  • French: rampe
  • German: Geländer
  • Greek: κουπαστή σκάλας
  • Italian: ringhiera
  • Japanese: 手すり
  • Korean: 난간
  • Norwegian: gelender
  • Polish: poręcz
  • European Portuguese: corrimão
  • Romanian: balustradă
  • Russian: балясина
  • Spanish: pasamanos
  • Swedish: trappräcke
  • Thai: ราวระเบียง
  • Turkish: trabzan
  • Ukrainian: перилo
  • Vietnamese: tay vịn
British English: rail /reɪl/ NOUN
A rail is a horizontal bar which is fixed to something and used as a fence or a support, or to hang things on.
She held on to the hand rail in the lift.
  • American English: rail
  • Arabic: سُور
  • Brazilian Portuguese: corrimão
  • Chinese: 扶手
  • Croatian: prečka
  • Czech: zábradlí
  • Danish: stang
  • Dutch: leuning
  • European Spanish: riel
  • Finnish: kaide
  • French: rampe
  • German: Umzäunung
  • Greek: κιγκλίδωμα
  • Italian: rotaia
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 가로장
  • Norwegian: gelender
  • Polish: poręcz
  • European Portuguese: corrimão
  • Romanian: bară
  • Russian: перила
  • Spanish: riel
  • Swedish: ledstång
  • Thai: ราว
  • Turkish: parmaklık
  • Ukrainian: перило
  • Vietnamese: chấn song


Translation of corrimão from the Collins Portuguese to English
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