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English translation of 'debandar'


transitive verb
to put to flight
intransitive verb
to disperse

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'debandar' in Other Languages

British English: stampede VERB
If a group of animals or people stampede or if something stampedes them, they run in a wild, uncontrolled way.
The crowd stampeded and many were crushed or trampled underfoot.
  • American English: stampede
  • Brazilian Portuguese: debandar
  • Chinese: > 狂奔人群或兽群的
  • European Spanish: salir en estampida
  • French: s'enfuir en désordre
  • German: losstürmen
  • Italian: fuggire precipitosamente
  • Japanese: どっと押し寄せる
  • Korean: 우르르 몰리다
  • European Portuguese: debandar
  • Spanish: salir en estampida


Translation of debandar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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