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English translation of 'eterno'


eterna [eˈternu, a]

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'eterno' in Other Languages

British English: eternal /ɪˈtɜːnl/ ADJECTIVE
Something that is eternal lasts for ever.
...eternal life.
  • American English: eternal
  • Arabic: خالِد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: eterno
  • Chinese: 永恒的
  • Croatian: vječan
  • Czech: věčný
  • Danish: evig
  • Dutch: eeuwig
  • European Spanish: eterno
  • Finnish: ikuinen
  • French: éternel
  • German: ewig
  • Greek: αιώνιος
  • Italian: eterno
  • Japanese: 永遠の
  • Korean: 영원한
  • Norwegian: evig
  • Polish: wieczny
  • European Portuguese: eterno
  • Romanian: etern
  • Russian: вечный
  • Spanish: eterno
  • Swedish: evig
  • Thai: ที่อยู่ชั่วนิรันดร์
  • Turkish: sonsuz
  • Ukrainian: вічний
  • Vietnamese: vĩnh viễn
British English: timeless ADJECTIVE
If you describe something as timeless, you mean that it is so good or beautiful that it cannot be affected by changes in society or fashion.
There is a timeless quality to his best work.
  • American English: timeless
  • Brazilian Portuguese: eterno
  • Chinese: 不受时间影响的
  • European Spanish: eterno
  • French: éternel
  • German: zeitlos
  • Italian: eterno
  • Japanese: 不朽の
  • Korean: 시대를 초월한
  • European Portuguese: eterno
  • Spanish: eterno


Translation of eterno from the Collins Portuguese to English
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