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English translation of 'idoso'


idosa [iˈdozu, ɔza]
elderly, old

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'idoso' in Other Languages

British English: elderly /ˈɛldəlɪ/ ADJECTIVE
You use elderly as a polite way of saying that someone is old.
...an elderly couple.
  • American English: elderly
  • Arabic: مُسِنّ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: idoso
  • Chinese: 年过中年的
  • Croatian: stariji
  • Czech: postarší
  • Danish: ældre
  • Dutch: bejaard
  • European Spanish: anciano
  • Finnish: iäkäs
  • French: âgé
  • German: ältlich
  • Greek: ηλικιωμένος
  • Italian: anziano
  • Japanese: 年配の
  • Korean: 나이가 지긋한
  • Norwegian: tilårskommen
  • Polish: starszy
  • European Portuguese: idoso
  • Romanian: vârstnic
  • Russian: пожилой
  • Spanish: anciano
  • Swedish: äldre
  • Thai: สูงวัย
  • Turkish: yaşlılar
  • Ukrainian: літній
  • Vietnamese: cao tuổi
British English: aged NOUN
the aged You can refer to all people who are very old as the aged.
...people who work with the aged.
  • American English: aged
  • Brazilian Portuguese: idoso
  • Chinese: 岁数为…的
  • European Spanish: ancianos
  • French: personnes âgées
  • German: Alte
  • Italian: anziani
  • Japanese: 高齢者
  • Korean: 노령의
  • European Portuguese: idoso
  • Spanish: ancianos


Translation of idoso from the Collins Portuguese to English
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