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English translation of 'mediar'


transitive verb
to mediate (for)
intransitive verb
(ser mediador) to mediate
a distância que medeia entre the distance between

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'mediar' in Other Languages

British English: mediate VERB
If someone mediates between two groups of people, or mediates an agreement between them, they try to settle an argument between them by talking to both groups and trying to find things that they can both agree to.
My mother was the one who mediated between my friend and her mother.
  • American English: mediate
  • Brazilian Portuguese: mediar
  • Chinese: 调解
  • European Spanish: mediar
  • French: servir d'intermédiaire
  • German: vermitteln
  • Italian: mediare
  • Japanese: 仲裁する
  • Korean: 중재하다
  • European Portuguese: mediar
  • Spanish: mediar


Translation of mediar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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