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English translation of 'museu'


masculine noun
1. museum
2. (de pintura) gallery

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'museu' in Other Languages

British English: museum /mjuːˈzɪəm/ NOUN
A museum is a public building where interesting and valuable objects are kept and displayed.
He wanted to visit the city's art museums.
  • American English: museum
  • Arabic: مِتْحَفٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: museu
  • Chinese: 博物馆
  • Croatian: muzej
  • Czech: muzeum
  • Danish: museum
  • Dutch: museum
  • European Spanish: museo
  • Finnish: museo
  • French: musée
  • German: Museum
  • Greek: μουσείο
  • Italian: museo
  • Japanese: 博物館
  • Korean: 박물관
  • Norwegian: museum
  • Polish: muzeum
  • European Portuguese: museu
  • Romanian: muzeu
  • Russian: музей
  • Spanish: museo
  • Swedish: museum
  • Thai: พิพิธภัณฑ์
  • Turkish: müze
  • Ukrainian: музей
  • Vietnamese: viện bảo tàng


Translation of museu from the Collins Portuguese to English
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