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feminine noun

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'névoa' in Other Languages

British English: mist /mɪst/ NOUN
Mist consists of many tiny drops of water in the air, which make it difficult to see very far.
I couldn't see anything through the mist.
  • American English: mist
  • Arabic: ضَبَابٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: névoa
  • Chinese: 薄雾
  • Croatian: izmaglica
  • Czech: mlha
  • Danish: tåge
  • Dutch: mist
  • European Spanish: neblina
  • Finnish: usva
  • French: brume
  • German: leichter Nebel
  • Greek: καταχνιά
  • Italian: foschia
  • Japanese: もや
  • Korean: 안개
  • Norwegian: tåke
  • Polish: mgiełka
  • European Portuguese: névoa
  • Romanian: ceață
  • Russian: дымка
  • Spanish: neblina
  • Swedish: dimma
  • Thai: หมอก
  • Turkish: sis
  • Ukrainian: імла
  • Vietnamese: sương mù
British English: haze NOUN
Haze is light mist, caused by particles of water or dust in the air, which prevents you from seeing distant objects clearly. Haze often forms in hot weather.
They vanished into the haze near the horizon.
  • American English: haze
  • Brazilian Portuguese: névoa
  • Chinese: 薄雾
  • European Spanish: neblina
  • French: brume
  • German: Dunst
  • Italian: foschia
  • Japanese: もや
  • Korean: 연무
  • European Portuguese: névoa
  • Spanish: neblina


Translation of névoa from the Collins Portuguese to English
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