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English translation of 'nomear'


transitive verb
1. to nominate
2. (conferir um cargo a) to appoint
3. (dar nome a) to name

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'nomear' in Other Languages

British English: appoint /əˈpɔɪnt/ VERB
If you appoint someone to a job or post, you formally choose them for it.
They have appointed a consultant to carry out the investigation.
  • American English: appoint
  • Arabic: يُعَيِّـنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: designar
  • Chinese: 任命
  • Croatian: postaviti
  • Czech: jmenovat do funkce
  • Danish: udnævne
  • Dutch: aanstellen
  • European Spanish: designar
  • Finnish: nimittää
  • French: nommer
  • German: einstellen
  • Greek: διορίζω
  • Italian: nominare
  • Japanese: 任命する
  • Korean: 임명하다
  • Norwegian: peke ut
  • Polish: wyznaczyć
  • European Portuguese: nomear
  • Romanian: a numi
  • Russian: назначать
  • Spanish: designar
  • Swedish: utse
  • Thai: แต่งตั้ง
  • Turkish: atamak
  • Ukrainian: призначати
  • Vietnamese: bổ nhiệm
British English: nominate /ˈnɒmɪˌneɪt/ VERB
If someone is nominated for a job, position, or prize, their name is formally suggested as a candidate for it.
He was nominated for a best actor award.
  • American English: nominate
  • Arabic: يُرَشِّحُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nomear
  • Chinese: 提名
  • Croatian: nominirati
  • Czech: nominovat
  • Danish: nominere
  • Dutch: nomineren
  • European Spanish: designar
  • Finnish: nimetä
  • French: désigner
  • German: nominieren
  • Greek: αναγορεύω
  • Italian: nominare
  • Japanese: 指名する
  • Korean: 후보자로 지명하다
  • Norwegian: nominere
  • Polish: mianować
  • European Portuguese: nomear
  • Romanian: a nominaliza
  • Russian: номинировать
  • Spanish: designar
  • Swedish: nominera
  • Thai: ได้รับการเสนอชื่อ
  • Turkish: aday göstermek
  • Ukrainian: призначати
  • Vietnamese: đề cử
British English: dub VERB
If someone or something is dubbed a particular thing, they are given that description or name.
Today's session has been widely dubbed as a 'make or break' meeting.
  • American English: dub
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nomear
  • Chinese: 把…称为
  • European Spanish: apodar
  • French: décrire
  • German: taufen
  • Italian: denominare
  • Japanese: ~と呼ぶ
  • Korean: 별칭을 붙이다
  • European Portuguese: nomear
  • Spanish: apodar


Translation of nomear from the Collins Portuguese to English
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