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English translation of 'ordenar'


transitive verb
1. to arrange, put in order
2. (determinar) to order
3. (religion) to ordain
ordenar-se reflexive verb
(religion) to be ordained
ordenar que alguém faça to order sb to do
ordenar algo a alguém to order sth from sb

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'ordenar' in Other Languages

British English: order /ˈɔːdə/ VERB
If you order someone to do something, you tell them to do it.
She ordered him to leave.
  • American English: order
  • Arabic: يَأمُرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ordenar
  • Chinese: 定购
  • Croatian: narediti
  • Czech: rozkázat
  • Danish: beordre
  • Dutch: bevelen
  • European Spanish: ordenar mandar
  • Finnish: määrätä
  • French: commander
  • German: befehlen
  • Greek: διατάζω
  • Italian: ordinare
  • Japanese: 指図する
  • Korean: 명령하다
  • Norwegian: beordre
  • Polish: rozkazać
  • European Portuguese: ordenar
  • Romanian: a ordona
  • Russian: приказывать
  • Spanish: ordenar mandar
  • Swedish: beordra
  • Thai: สั่ง
  • Turkish: emir vermek
  • Ukrainian: наказувати
  • Vietnamese: ra lệnh
British English: command VERB
If someone in authority commands you to do something, they tell you that you must do it.
He commanded his troops to attack.
British English: ordain VERB
When someone is ordained, they are made a member of the clergy in a religious ceremony.
He was ordained a Catholic priest last year.
  • American English: ordain
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ordenar
  • Chinese: 任命…为牧师
  • European Spanish: ordenar
  • French: ordonner
  • German: ordinieren
  • Italian: ordinare
  • Japanese: 牧師に任命する
  • Korean: 성직자로 임명되다
  • European Portuguese: ordenar
  • Spanish: ordenar


Translation of ordenar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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