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English translation of 'palestra'


feminine noun
1. (conversa) chat, talk
2. (conferência) lecture, talk

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'palestra' in Other Languages

British English: lecture /ˈlɛktʃə/ NOUN
A lecture is a talk that someone gives in order to teach people about a particular subject, usually at a university.
We attended a lecture at the university.
  • American English: lecture
  • Arabic: مُحَاضَرَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: palestra
  • Chinese: 讲课
  • Croatian: predavanje
  • Czech: přednáška
  • Danish: forelæsning
  • Dutch: lezing
  • European Spanish: conferencia discurso
  • Finnish: luento
  • French: cours
  • German: Vortrag
  • Greek: διάλεξη
  • Italian: lezione
  • Japanese: 講義
  • Korean: 강의
  • Norwegian: forelesning
  • Polish: wykład
  • European Portuguese: palestra
  • Romanian: curs la universitate
  • Russian: лекция
  • Spanish: conferencia
  • Swedish: föreläsning
  • Thai: การบรรยาย
  • Turkish: ders
  • Ukrainian: лекція
  • Vietnamese: bài giảng
British English: talk /tɔːk/ NOUN
Talk is the things you say to someone when you talk.
We had a long talk about her father.
  • American English: talk
  • Arabic: كَلَام
  • Brazilian Portuguese: palestra
  • Chinese: 交谈
  • Croatian: razgovor
  • Czech: hovor
  • Danish: snak
  • Dutch: praatje
  • European Spanish: conversación
  • Finnish: puhe
  • French: discussion
  • German: Gespräch
  • Greek: λόγια
  • Italian: conversazione
  • Japanese:
  • Korean: 강연
  • Norwegian: snakk
  • Polish: rozmowa
  • European Portuguese: palestra
  • Romanian: conversație
  • Russian: разговор
  • Spanish: conversación
  • Swedish: pratstund
  • Thai: การแสดงปาฐกถา
  • Turkish: konuşma
  • Ukrainian: розмова
  • Vietnamese: bài nói chuyện


Translation of palestra from the Collins Portuguese to English
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