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English translation of 'piedade'


feminine noun
1. (devoção) piety
2. (compaixão) pity
ter piedade de to have pity on

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'piedade' in Other Languages

British English: mercy /ˈmɜːsɪ/ NOUN
If someone in authority shows mercy, they choose not to harm or punish someone they have power over.
His life was now at the mercy of a judge.
  • American English: mercy
  • Arabic: رَحَمَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: piedade
  • Chinese: 宽恕
  • Croatian: milost
  • Czech: slitování
  • Danish: nåde
  • Dutch: genade
  • European Spanish: misericordia
  • Finnish: armo
  • French: clémence
  • German: Erbarmen
  • Greek: οίκτος
  • Italian: misericordia
  • Japanese: 慈悲
  • Korean: 자비 은혜
  • Norwegian: barmhjertighet
  • Polish: litość
  • European Portuguese: piedade
  • Romanian: milă
  • Russian: милосердие
  • Spanish: misericordia
  • Swedish: nåd
  • Thai: ความเมตตา
  • Turkish: merhamet
  • Ukrainian: милосердя
  • Vietnamese: sự khoan dung
British English: piety NOUN
Piety is strong religious belief, or behaviour that is religious or morally correct.
Known for her piety, she would walk miles to attend communion services in the neighbouring villages.


Translation of piedade from the Collins Portuguese to English
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