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English translation of 'poupar'


transitive verb
1. to save
2. (vida) to spare
poupar alguém (de sofrimentos) to spare sb
poupar algo a alguém, poupar alguém de algo (trabalho etc) to save sb sth; (aborrecimentos) to spare sb sth

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'poupar' in Other Languages

British English: spare /spɛə/ VERB
If you spare time or money, you make it available.
I can only spare 35 minutes for this meeting.
  • American English: spare
  • Arabic: يَسْتَغْنِي
  • Brazilian Portuguese: conceder
  • Chinese: 宽容
  • Croatian: odvojiti
  • Czech: ušetřit
  • Danish: afse
  • Dutch: sparen persoon
  • European Spanish: emplear
  • Finnish: säästää joku joltakin
  • French: épargner
  • German: entbehren
  • Greek: φείδομαι
  • Italian: risparmiare
  • Japanese: 容赦する
  • Korean: 할애하다
  • Norwegian: skåne
  • Polish: oszczędzić darować
  • European Portuguese: poupar
  • Romanian: a se dispensa de
  • Russian: сохранить
  • Spanish: escatimar
  • Swedish: avvara
  • Thai: สงวนไว้
  • Turkish: ayırmak
  • Ukrainian: заощаджувати
  • Vietnamese: dành cho ai
British English: save /seɪv/ VERB
money If you save something, you keep it because you will need it later.
She was saving her money.
  • American English: save
  • Arabic: يُوَفِّرُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: poupar
  • Chinese: 节约
  • Croatian: štedjeti
  • Czech: schovat sina později
  • Danish: spare op
  • Dutch: opsparen
  • European Spanish: ahorrar
  • Finnish: säästää
  • French: garderpour plus tard
  • German: sparen
  • Greek: αποθηκεύω
  • Italian: conservare
  • Japanese: ・・・を蓄える
  • Korean: 저축하다
  • Norwegian: spare
  • Polish: oszczędzać
  • European Portuguese: poupar
  • Romanian: a păstra
  • Russian: сохранить
  • Spanish: guardar
  • Swedish: spara
  • Thai: เก็บไว้
  • Turkish: biriktirmek
  • Ukrainian: зберігати
  • Vietnamese: tiết kiệm
British English: conserve VERB
If you conserve a supply of something, you use it carefully so that it lasts for a long time.
The factories have closed for the weekend to conserve energy.


Translation of poupar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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