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English translation of 'questão'


Word forms: plural questões
feminine noun
1. (pergunta) question
2. (problema) issue, question
3. (law) case
4. (contenda) dispute, quarrel
fazer questão (de) to insist (on)
em questão in question
há questão de um ano about a year ago
questão de tempo/de vida ou morte question of time/matter of life and death
questão de ordem point of order
questão fechada point of principle

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'questão' in Other Languages

British English: issue /ˈɪʃjuː/ NOUN
An issue is an important subject that people are arguing about or discussing.
...the issue of climate change.
  • American English: issue
  • Arabic: إِصْدَارٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: problema
  • Chinese: 问题
  • Croatian: pitanje
  • Czech: otázka předmět rozmluvy
  • Danish: emne
  • Dutch: kwestie
  • European Spanish: cuestión
  • Finnish: asia aihe
  • French: question problème
  • German: Angelegenheit
  • Greek: ζήτημα
  • Italian: problema
  • Japanese: 論点
  • Korean: 쟁점
  • Norwegian: sak
  • Polish: kwestia
  • European Portuguese: questão
  • Romanian: problemă
  • Russian: вопрос
  • Spanish: cuestión
  • Swedish: upplaga
  • Thai: หัวข้อที่ถกเถียงกัน
  • Turkish: konu
  • Ukrainian: питання
  • Vietnamese: vấn đề nêu ra
British English: question /ˈkwɛstʃən/ NOUN
A question is something which you say or write in order to ask about a particular matter.
He refused to answer further questions.
  • American English: question
  • Arabic: سُؤَال
  • Brazilian Portuguese: questão
  • Chinese: 问题
  • Croatian: pitanje
  • Czech: otázka
  • Danish: spørgsmål
  • Dutch: vraag om antwoord te krijgen
  • European Spanish: pregunta
  • Finnish: kysymys
  • French: question interrogation
  • German: Frage
  • Greek: ερώτηση
  • Italian: domanda
  • Japanese: 質問
  • Korean: 질문
  • Norwegian: spørsmål
  • Polish: pytanie
  • European Portuguese: questão
  • Romanian: întrebare
  • Russian: вопрос
  • Spanish: pregunta
  • Swedish: fråga
  • Thai: คำถาม
  • Turkish: soru
  • Ukrainian: питання
  • Vietnamese: câu hỏi


Translation of questão from the Collins Portuguese to English
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