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English translation of 'rebater'


transitive verb
1. (golpe) to ward off
2. (acusações, argumentos) to refute
3. (bola) to knock back
4. (à máquina) to retype

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'rebater' in Other Languages

British English: bat VERB
When you bat, you have a turn at hitting the ball with a bat in baseball, softball, cricket, or rounders.
The team, put in to bat, made a cautious start.
  • American English: bat
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rebater
  • Chinese: 击球在棒球、垒球、板球运动中
  • European Spanish: batear
  • French: être à la batte
  • German: schlagen
  • Italian: battere
  • Japanese: 打席に立つ
  • Korean: 타석에 서다
  • European Portuguese: rebater
  • Spanish: batear
British English: volley VERB
In sports, if someone volleys the ball or if they volley, they hit the ball before it touches the ground.
He volleyed the ball spectacularly into the far corner of the net.
  • American English: volley
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rebater
  • Chinese: 截击空中球
  • European Spanish: volear
  • French: prendre à la voléeN
  • German: schlagen
  • Italian: colpire al volo
  • Japanese: ボレーをする
  • Korean: 공이 땅에 닿기 전에 되받아치다
  • European Portuguese: rebater
  • Spanish: volear


Translation of rebater from the Collins Portuguese to English
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