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masculine noun

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'requisito' in Other Languages

British English: requirement /rɪˈkwaɪəmənt/ NOUN
A requirement is something that you must have in order to be allowed to do something or to be suitable for something.
These products meet all legal requirements.
  • American English: requirement
  • Arabic: مَطْلَب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: requisito
  • Chinese: 需求
  • Croatian: zahtjev
  • Czech: požadavek
  • Danish: krav
  • Dutch: vereiste
  • European Spanish: requisito
  • Finnish: vaatimus edellytys
  • French: condition
  • German: Anforderung
  • Greek: απαίτηση
  • Italian: requisito
  • Japanese: 要求
  • Korean: 필요 조건
  • Norwegian: krav
  • Polish: wymóg
  • European Portuguese: requisito
  • Romanian: cerință
  • Russian: требование
  • Spanish: requisito
  • Swedish: krav
  • Thai: ความต้องการ
  • Turkish: gereksinim
  • Ukrainian: вимога
  • Vietnamese: yêu cầu
British English: requisite NOUN
A requisite is something which is necessary for a particular purpose.
An understanding of accounting techniques is a major requisite for the work of the analysts.


Translation of requisito from the Collins Portuguese to English
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