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English translation of 'tamborilar'


intransitive verb
1. (com os dedos) to drum
2. (chuva) to pitter-pat

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'tamborilar' in Other Languages

British English: drum VERB
If something drums on a surface, or if you drum something on a surface, it hits it regularly, making a continuous beating sound.
He drummed his fingers on the leather top of his desk.
  • American English: drum
  • Brazilian Portuguese: tamborilar
  • Chinese: 连续敲击
  • European Spanish: dar golpecitos
  • French: tambouriner
  • German: trommeln
  • Italian: tamburellare
  • Japanese: コツコツとたたく
  • Korean: 둥둥 소리를 내다
  • European Portuguese: tamborilar
  • Spanish: dar golpecitos
British English: patter VERB
If something patters on a surface, it hits it quickly several times, making quiet, tapping sounds.
Rain pattered gently outside, dripping on to the roof from the pines.


Translation of tamborilar from the Collins Portuguese to English
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