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English translation of 'unidade'


feminine noun
1. unity
2. (technical, business) unit
unidade central de processamento (computing) central processing unit
unidade de disco (computing) disk drive

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'unidade' in Other Languages

British English: unit /ˈjuːnɪt/ NOUN
If you consider something as a unit, you consider it as a single complete thing.
...the basic family unit.
  • American English: unit
  • Arabic: وَحْدَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: unidade
  • Chinese: 个体
  • Croatian: jedinica
  • Czech: jednotka
  • Danish: enhed
  • Dutch: eenheid
  • European Spanish: unidad
  • Finnish: yksikkö
  • French: unité
  • German: Einheit
  • Greek: μονάδα
  • Italian: unità
  • Japanese: 単一体
  • Korean: 단위
  • Norwegian: enhet
  • Polish: jednostka
  • European Portuguese: unidade
  • Romanian: unitate
  • Russian: единица
  • Spanish: unidad
  • Swedish: enhet
  • Thai: หน่วย
  • Turkish: ünite
  • Ukrainian: одиниця
  • Vietnamese: đơn vị
British English: corps NOUN
A corps is a part of the army which has special duties.
...the Army Medical Corps.
  • American English: corps
  • Brazilian Portuguese: unidade
  • Chinese: 特别小组
  • European Spanish: cuerpo
  • French: corps
  • German: Korps
  • Italian: corpo
  • Japanese: 特殊任務を持った部隊
  • Korean: 군단
  • European Portuguese: unidade
  • Spanish: cuerpo
British English: unity NOUN
Unity is the state of different areas or groups being joined together to form a single country or organization.
We have to act to preserve the unity of this nation.


Translation of unidade from the Collins Portuguese to English
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