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English translation of 'vestígio'


masculine noun
1. (rastro) track
2. (figurative) sign, trace

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'vestígio' in Other Languages

British English: vestige NOUN
vestige of sth A vestige of something is a very small part that still remains of something that was once much larger or more important.
We represent the last vestige of what made this nation great–hard work.
  • American English: vestige
  • Brazilian Portuguese: vestígio
  • Chinese: 残留部分
  • European Spanish: vestigio
  • French: vestige
  • German: Spur
  • Italian: vestigio
  • Japanese: 痕跡
  • Korean: 자취
  • European Portuguese: vestígio
  • Spanish: vestigio


Translation of vestígio from the Collins Portuguese to English
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