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feminine noun
1.  (Sewing, Medicine) needle
[de sombrero] hatpin
darle a la aguja (informal) to shoot up (very informal)
▪ idiom: buscar una aguja en un pajar to look for a needle in a haystack
2.  (indicador)
[de reloj] hand
(Technical) pointerhand
(Military) firing pin
[de tocadiscos] stylusneedle
tumbar la aguja (informal) (Automobiles) to step on the gas (informal)go full out
3.  (Latin America) (Agriculture)
(estaca) fence post
5.  (chapitel) spiresteeple
(costillas) shoulder singularrib singular
(Railways) points (Brit)switch singular (US)
8.  (pez) garfish
9.  (Central America, Mexico) (carne) beef

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Example Sentences Including 'aguja'

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En esta red, que, en particular, transporta aproximadamente la mitad de pasajeros y mercancías, tenemos que neutralizar una peligrosa situación de ojo de aguja.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Juliet se pinchó el pulgar con la aguja accidentalmente después de que esta se le resbalase mientras tomaba una muestra de sangre.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
La búsqueda de ciberdelincuentes es como buscar una aguja en un pajar.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Los periodistas han llegado a pensar que encontrar la documentación que necesitan puede ser como buscar una aguja en un pajar.
Europarl Parallel Corpus
Me encontré con un doctor que abandonó la práctica médica a causa de una herida de aguja.
Europarl Parallel Corpus

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'aguja' in Other Languages

British English: needle /ˈniːdl/ NOUN
A needle is a small very thin piece of metal with a hole at one end and a sharp point at the other, which is used for sewing.
...a needle and thread.
  • American English: needle
  • Arabic: إِبرَةٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: agulha
  • Chinese:
  • Croatian: igla
  • Czech: jehla
  • Danish: nål
  • Dutch: naald
  • European Spanish: aguja púa
  • Finnish: neula
  • French: aiguille
  • German: Nadel
  • Greek: βελόνα
  • Italian: ago
  • Japanese: 縫い針
  • Korean: 바늘
  • Norwegian: nål
  • Polish: igła
  • European Portuguese: agulha
  • Romanian: ac
  • Russian: игла
  • Spanish: aguja
  • Swedish: nål
  • Thai: เข็ม
  • Turkish: iğne
  • Ukrainian: голка
  • Vietnamese: kim
British English: spire /spaɪə/ NOUN
The spire of a church is a tall cone-shaped structure on top of a tower.
We saw a church spire above the trees.
  • American English: spire
  • Arabic: قِمَّةٌ مُسْتَدِقَة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: coruchéu igreja
  • Chinese: 尖顶
  • Croatian: toranj
  • Czech: věž špička
  • Danish: spir
  • Dutch: torenspits
  • European Spanish: aguja chapitel
  • Finnish: terävähuippuinen torni
  • French: flèche église
  • German: Turmspitze
  • Greek: σπείρα
  • Italian: guglia
  • Japanese: 尖塔
  • Korean: 뾰족탑
  • Norwegian: spir
  • Polish: iglica
  • European Portuguese: torre igreja
  • Romanian: clopotniță
  • Russian: шпиль
  • Spanish: aguja arquitectura
  • Swedish: spira
  • Thai: สิ่งก่อสร้างสูงรูปกรวยที่เป็นส่วนหนึ่งของโบถส์
  • Turkish: kilise kulesinin sivri tepesi
  • Ukrainian: шпиль
  • Vietnamese: ngọn tháp


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