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1.  (físicamente) absent (de from)
estar ausente de to be absent frombe missing from
estar ausente de su casa to be away from home
2.  (mentalmente) daydreaming
masculine and feminine noun
(School etc.) absentee
(Law) missing person

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Example Sentences Including 'ausente'

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Dolores había comprado un periodico en un quiosco del boulevard Saint-Michel y leía los anuncios con una expresion ausente y premiosa.
Juan Goytisolo Señas de identidad
La medida no pareció sensata, ya que el ausente podía tener razones persussoras.
Fernando Lázaro Carreter Estudios de lingüística
Y ella casi nunca ha estado ausente de las obras que dirige su marido.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)

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'ausente' in Other Languages

British English: absent /ˈæbsənt/ ADJECTIVE
If someone or something is absent from a place or situation, they are not there.
He was absent from work for 35 days.
  • American English: absent
  • Arabic: غائِب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ausente
  • Chinese: 缺席
  • Croatian: odsutan
  • Czech: nepřítomný
  • Danish: fraværende
  • Dutch: afwezig
  • European Spanish: ausente
  • Finnish: poissa oleva
  • French: absent
  • German: abwesend
  • Greek: απών
  • Italian: assente
  • Japanese: 不在の
  • Korean: 부재의
  • Norwegian: fraværende
  • Polish: nieobecny
  • European Portuguese: ausente
  • Romanian: absent
  • Russian: отсутствующий
  • Spanish: ausente
  • Swedish: frånvarande
  • Thai: ขาด
  • Turkish: yok
  • Ukrainian: відсутній
  • Vietnamese: vắng mặt
British English: absentee NOUN
An absentee is a person who is expected to be in a particular place but who is not there.
  • American English: absentee
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ausente
  • Chinese: 缺席者
  • European Spanish: ausente
  • French: absent
  • German: Abwesende
  • Italian: assente
  • Japanese: 欠席者
  • Korean: 결석자
  • European Portuguese: ausente
  • Spanish: ausente
British English: absentee ADJECTIVE
Absentee is used to describe someone who is not there to do a particular job in person.
Absentee fathers will be forced to pay child maintenance.
  • American English: absentee
  • Brazilian Portuguese: ausente
  • Chinese: 缺席的
  • European Spanish: ausente
  • French: absent
  • German: entfernt lebend
  • Italian: assente
  • Japanese: 欠席者の
  • Korean: 결석한
  • European Portuguese: ausente
  • Spanish: ausente

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Translation of ausente from the Collins Spanish to English
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