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English translation of 'chillón'

Word Frequency

chillón 1

Word forms: chillón, chillona
1.  [persona] loudshrillnoisy
2.  [sonido, tono] shrill
3.  [color] loudgarishlurid
un naranja chillón a loud or garish or lurid orange colour
4.  (Latin America) (quejumbroso) moaningwhingeing (informal)
masculine noun/feminine noun (Latin America)
1.  (quejón) moanerwhinger
2.  (gritón) loudmouth (informal)
Word Frequency

chillón 2

masculine noun
(Technical) small nailpanel pinfinishing nail (US)

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Example Sentences Including 'chillón'

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Ahora confía en un Fiat Marea, pero recuerda con nostalgia su primer coche, un 600 amarillo chillón.
La Vanguardia (1997)
La tristeza de sus palabras se perdían en aquel tono chillón de su voz, como se pierde el dolor en la pintarrajeada cara de un payaso.
Antonio Martínez Ménchen Una infancia perdida
Lo hacen por altruismo, por las Aldeas Infantiles SOS ", se oye, monótono y chillón , al personaje del micro.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)
Pero este vocinglerío, chillón y sevillano... Cielo santo, qué horterada!
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1995)
Sherif se quitó los pantalones bajo los que ocultaba un chillón calzoncillo rojo Se introdujo en la.
Carmen Sarmiento Viajes a la marginación

Trends of 'chillón'

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'chillón' in Other Languages

British English: loud /laʊd/ ADJECTIVE
If a noise is loud, the level of sound is very high and it can be easily heard. Someone or something that is loud produces a lot of noise.
Suddenly there was a loud bang.
  • American English: loud
  • Arabic: مَدُو
  • Brazilian Portuguese: alto voz
  • Chinese: 大声的
  • Croatian: glasan
  • Czech: hlasitý
  • Danish: høj
  • Dutch: luid
  • European Spanish: chillón
  • Finnish: äänekäs
  • French: bruyant
  • German: laut
  • Greek: ηχηρός
  • Italian: rumoroso
  • Japanese: 大声の
  • Korean: 소리가 큰
  • Norwegian: høylytt
  • Polish: głośny
  • European Portuguese: alto voz
  • Romanian: tarevolum sonor
  • Russian: громкий
  • Spanish: chillón
  • Swedish: högljudd
  • Thai: ดัง
  • Turkish: gürültülü
  • Ukrainian: гучний
  • Vietnamese: to
British English: garish ADJECTIVE
You describe something as garish when you dislike it because it is very bright in an unattractive, showy way.
They climbed the garish purple-carpeted stairs.
  • American English: garish
  • Brazilian Portuguese: berrante
  • Chinese: 过分耀眼的
  • European Spanish: chillón
  • French: criard
  • German: grell
  • Italian: vistoso
  • Japanese: けばけばしい
  • Korean: 지나치게 화려한
  • European Portuguese: berrante
  • Spanish: chillón
British English: gaudy ADJECTIVE
If something is gaudy, it is very brightly-coloured and showy.
...her gaudy orange-and-purple floral hat.


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