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English translation of 'designar'

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Verb Table transitive verb
1.  (nombrar) to appointdesignate
el dictador designó a su sucesor the dictator appointed or designated his successor
la designaron para el puesto de supervisora they appointed her (as) supervisorshe was appointed or designated (as) supervisor
me han designado candidato they have nominated me (as a candidate)
han designado a Sevilla sede del campeonato Seville has been designated as the host city for the championship
2.  (fijar)
[fecha] to fixset
3.  (formal) (denominar)
la palabra “rosa” designa a una flor the word “rose” denotes a flower
designaron el plan con el nombre de “Erasmus” the plan was given the name of “Erasmus”

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Example Sentences Including 'designar'

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-Operación audiotécnica sobre un domicilio ya comprobado de activistas de ETA M. -Acción física sobre un objetivo a designar ".
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)
Debe designar , asimismo, un presidente y dos vicepresidentes que sustituyan al Alto Comité de Estado (ACE, Presidencia colegiada), cuyo mandato expiraba el pasado 31 de diciembre.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)
Labra ": éste es preusamente el término empleado tradicionalmente para designar la actividad de un arrendatario en una tierra alquilada.
Ramón Garrabou & Jesús Sanz Historia agraria de la España contemporánea. Vol 2. Expansión y crisis
Significativamente, los partidos políticos han decidido designar a sus candidatos locales entre personalidades perfectamente conocidas y con una simpatía extrapolítica.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)
Y tercero: empieza a cundir la actitud de pegar un respingo ante la hipótesis de que Felipe intente designar a su propio sucesor para la Presidencia del Gobierno.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)

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'designar' in Other Languages

British English: appoint /əˈpɔɪnt/ VERB
If you appoint someone to a job or post, you formally choose them for it.
They have appointed a consultant to carry out the investigation.
  • American English: appoint
  • Arabic: يُعَيِّـنُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: designar
  • Chinese: 任命
  • Croatian: postaviti
  • Czech: jmenovat do funkce
  • Danish: udnævne
  • Dutch: aanstellen
  • European Spanish: designar
  • Finnish: nimittää
  • French: nommer
  • German: einstellen
  • Greek: διορίζω
  • Italian: nominare
  • Japanese: 任命する
  • Korean: 임명하다
  • Norwegian: peke ut
  • Polish: wyznaczyć
  • European Portuguese: nomear
  • Romanian: a numi
  • Russian: назначать
  • Spanish: designar
  • Swedish: utse
  • Thai: แต่งตั้ง
  • Turkish: atamak
  • Ukrainian: призначати
  • Vietnamese: bổ nhiệm
British English: nominate /ˈnɒmɪˌneɪt/ VERB
If someone is nominated for a job, position, or prize, their name is formally suggested as a candidate for it.
He was nominated for a best actor award.
  • American English: nominate
  • Arabic: يُرَشِّحُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: nomear
  • Chinese: 提名
  • Croatian: nominirati
  • Czech: nominovat
  • Danish: nominere
  • Dutch: nomineren
  • European Spanish: designar
  • Finnish: nimetä
  • French: désigner
  • German: nominieren
  • Greek: αναγορεύω
  • Italian: nominare
  • Japanese: 指名する
  • Korean: 후보자로 지명하다
  • Norwegian: nominere
  • Polish: mianować
  • European Portuguese: nomear
  • Romanian: a nominaliza
  • Russian: номинировать
  • Spanish: designar
  • Swedish: nominera
  • Thai: ได้รับการเสนอชื่อ
  • Turkish: aday göstermek
  • Ukrainian: призначати
  • Vietnamese: đề cử


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