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English translation of 'Madera'


feminine noun

madera 1

feminine noun
1.  (material)
(gen) wood
(para la construcción, carpintería) timber
dame esa madera give me that piece of wood
una silla de madera a wooden chair
está hecho de madera it’s made of wood
una escultura en madera a wooden sculpture
▪ idiom: ¡toca madera! touch wood!knock on wood! (US)
tener madera de algo to have the makings of sth
tiene madera de futbolista he’s got the makings of a footballer
3.  (Music) woodwind section (of the orchestra)
4.  (Football) (informal)
la madera the woodwork
5.  (Zoology) horny part of hoof

madera 2

masculine noun
(vino) Madeira

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'Madera' in Other Languages

British English: timber /ˈtɪmbə/ NOUN
Timber is wood used for building houses and making furniture.
These woods have been exploited for timber for centuries.
  • American English: lumber
  • Arabic: خَشَب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: madeira
  • Chinese: 木材
  • Croatian: drvo
  • Czech: dřevo řezivo
  • Danish: tømmer
  • Dutch: timmerhout
  • European Spanish: madera construcción
  • Finnish: puutavara
  • French: bois
  • German: Bauholz
  • Greek: ξυλεία
  • Italian: legname
  • Japanese: 材木
  • Korean: 목재
  • Norwegian: tømmer trestammer
  • Polish: tarcica
  • European Portuguese: madeira
  • Romanian: lemn
  • Russian: строевой лес
  • Spanish: madera
  • Swedish: virke
  • Thai: ไม้ที่ใช้ในการก่อสร้าง
  • Turkish: kereste
  • Ukrainian: деревина
  • Vietnamese: gỗ xây dựng
British English: wood /wʊd/ NOUN
material Wood is the hard material that trees are made of.
  • American English: wood material
  • Arabic: خَشْب
  • Brazilian Portuguese: madeira
  • Chinese: 木材
  • Croatian: drvo
  • Czech: dřevo
  • Danish: træ
  • Dutch: hout
  • European Spanish: madera pequeño
  • Finnish: metsä
  • French: bois
  • German: Wald
  • Greek: ξύλο
  • Italian: bosco
  • Japanese: 材木 material
  • Korean: 목재
  • Norwegian: skog
  • Polish: drewno
  • European Portuguese: floresta
  • Romanian: lemn
  • Russian: дерево
  • Spanish: madera
  • Swedish: skog
  • Thai: ไม้
  • Turkish: ahşap
  • Ukrainian: деревина
  • Vietnamese: gỗ
British English: lumber NOUN
Lumber consists of trees and large pieces of wood that have been roughly cut up.
It was made of soft lumber, spruce by the look of it.


Translation of Madera from the Collins Spanish to English
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