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feminine noun

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Example Sentences Including 'obstrucción'

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Una limpieza previa del barranco podría haber evitado la obstrucción del puente.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)

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'obstrucción' in Other Languages

British English: block /blɒk/ NOUN
obstruction A block is an obstruction or hindrance.
  • American English: block obstruction
  • Arabic: حَاجِز
  • Brazilian Portuguese: bloqueio
  • Chinese: 阻塞
  • Croatian: prepreka
  • Czech: obstrukce
  • Danish: spærring
  • Dutch: versperring
  • European Spanish: obstrucción
  • Finnish: sulku
  • French: blocage
  • German: Absperrung
  • Greek: εμπόδιο
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 閉塞物
  • Korean: 장애물
  • Norwegian: hinder
  • Polish: zatkanie
  • European Portuguese: bloqueio
  • Romanian: obstacol
  • Russian: препятствие
  • Spanish: escollo
  • Swedish: hinder
  • Thai: สิ่งกีดขวาง
  • Turkish: engel
  • Ukrainian: перешкода
  • Vietnamese: trở ngại
British English: blockage /ˈblɒkɪdʒ/ NOUN
A blockage in a pipe or tunnel is something that is blocking it.
...a fatal blockage in the lung.
  • American English: blockage
  • Arabic: اِنْسِداد
  • Brazilian Portuguese: obstrução
  • Chinese: 封锁
  • Croatian: začepljenje
  • Czech: ucpání
  • Danish: blokering
  • Dutch: verstopping
  • European Spanish: obstrucción
  • Finnish: tukos
  • French: blocage
  • German: Verstopfung
  • Greek: αποκλεισμός
  • Italian: blocco
  • Japanese: 封鎖
  • Korean: 봉쇄
  • Norwegian: blokkering
  • Polish: blokada
  • European Portuguese: obstrução
  • Romanian: blocaj
  • Russian: закупорка
  • Spanish: bloqueo
  • Swedish: blockering
  • Thai: การปิดล้อม
  • Turkish: tıkanıklık
  • Ukrainian: блокування
  • Vietnamese: chướng ngại vật
British English: obstruction NOUN
An obstruction is something that blocks a road or path.
He was irritated by drivers parking near his house and causing an obstruction.


Translation of obstrucción from the Collins Spanish to English
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