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English translation of 'recoger'

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Verb Table transitive verb
1.  (levantar)
[objeto caído] to pick up
[objetos dispersos] to gather (up)gather together
se agachó para recoger la cuchara he bent down to pick up the spoon
recogí el papel del suelo I picked the paper up off the floor
recogió la ropa del suelo she gathered the clothes up off the floor
si tiras agua en el suelo recógela con la fregona if you spill water on the floor mop it up
2.  (recolectar)
[datos, información] to gathercollect
[dinero, firmas] to collect
[correo, basura] to collectpick up
¿a qué hora recogen el correo? what time is the mail or post collected?what time do they collect the mail or post?
a las diez recogen la basura the rubbish gets collected at ten o’clock
3.  (ordenar)
[objetos] to clear upclear away
[casa, habitación] to tidy upstraighten up
recógelo todo antes de marcharte clear up everything before you leave
recogí los platos y los puse en el fregadero I cleared away the plates and put them in the sink
recoger la mesa to clear the table
recoge tus cosas get your things togethergather up your things
4.  (guardar)
[ropa lavada] to take inget in
[herramientas] to put away
5.  (Agriculture) to harvestgather intake in
[fruta, guisantes] to pick
[flores] to pickgather
6.  (reducir, ajustar)
[cuerda, vela] to take in
[alas] to fold
[cuernos] to draw in
[falda] to gather uplift up
[mangas] to roll up
(Sewing) to take inreduceshorten
7.  (almacenar)
[polvo] to gather
[líquido] to absorbtake up
(en recipiente) to collect
8.  (ir a buscar)
[persona] to pick upfetchcollect
[billetes, paquete] to collectpick up
te vendremos a recoger a las ocho we’ll come and pick you up or fetch you or collect you at eight o’clockwe’ll come for you at eight o’clock
9.  (mostrar) to show
la imagen recoge uno de los momentos más dramáticos the picture shows or captures one of the most dramatic moments
el informe recoge la situación the situation is described in the report
10.  (incluir) to include
el informe recoge diversas sugerencias various suggestions are included in the reportthe report includes various suggestions
vocablos que no están recogidos en el diccionario words not included in the dictionary
11.  [demandas, reivindicaciones] to take into account
el acuerdo recoge las demandas de los indígenas the agreement takes into account the demands of the native people
12.  (recibir)
ahora empieza a recoger los frutos de su esfuerzo she’s beginning to reap the reward(s) of her efforts
no recogió más que censuras he received nothing but condemnation
de todo esto van a recoger muy poco they won’t get much back out of all thisthey will get very little return from all this
13.  (retirar)
[periódico, libro] to seize
[moneda] to call in
las autoridades recogieron todos los ejemplares the authorities seized all the copies
van a recoger las monedas antiguas they are going to call in the old coins
14.  (dar asilo) to take inshelter
Verb Table intransitive verb
(ordenar) to tidy upstraighten up
(al cerrar, terminar) to clear up
See also recogerse

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Example Sentences Including 'recoger'

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Andar por el monte con el perro, cultivar la huerta... Tengo cien cebollas, cien puerros, tomates... y acabo de recoger fresones.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1995)
Buena parte de los inversores optaron por recoger beneficios ante la posibilidad de que hoy se produzca una subida de los tipos de interés.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1995)
El otro, Ausonia, intentó abordar a alguna de las embarcaciones que le impedían recoger su red.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)
El se levantó en seguida y se aplicó a recoger el café que había desbordado la cafetera.
Ramón Mayrata El imperio desierto
En ocasiones le di la espalda con el pretexto de que tenía que recoger de mi bolso un par de rollos fotográficos.
Carmen Sarmiento Viajes a la marginación
Finalmente, cuando ya sólo le quedaba por recoger un par de kilómetros, abandonó el lugar.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)
Mientras desayunaba, Florencia empezó a recoger las cosas del cuarto.
Rosa Chacel Teresa

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'recoger' in Other Languages

British English: pick up /pɪk ʌp/ VERB
If you pick something up, you lift it upwards from a surface using your fingers.
Ridley picked up the pencil.
  • American English: pick up
  • Arabic: يَلْتَقِط
  • Brazilian Portuguese: apanhar
  • Chinese: 捡起
  • Croatian: podignuti
  • Czech: zvednout rukou
  • Danish: samle op
  • Dutch: oppakken
  • European Spanish: recoger levantar
  • Finnish: nostaa ylös
  • French: relever
  • German: aufheben Gegenstand
  • Greek: σηκώνω
  • Italian: raccogliere
  • Japanese: 持ち上げる
  • Korean: 집어 올리다
  • Norwegian: plukke opp
  • Polish: podnieść
  • European Portuguese: apanhar
  • Romanian: a culege
  • Russian: поднимать
  • Spanish: recoger levantar
  • Swedish: plocka upp
  • Thai: ยกขึ้น
  • Turkish: yerden almak
  • Ukrainian: підіймати
  • Vietnamese: nâng lên
British English: tidy up /ˈtaɪdɪ ʌp/ VERB
When you tidy up or tidy a place up, you put things back in their proper places so that everything is neat.
She spent an hour tidying up the shop.
  • American English: tidy up
  • Arabic: يُرَتِّبُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: arrumar
  • Chinese: 收拾
  • Croatian: pospremiti
  • Czech: poklidit
  • Danish: rydde op
  • Dutch: opruimen
  • European Spanish: recoger ordenar
  • Finnish: siivota
  • French: ranger
  • German: aufräumen
  • Greek: τακτοποιώ
  • Italian: riordinare
  • Japanese: 整頓する
  • Korean: 정돈하다
  • Norwegian: rydde
  • Polish: uprzątnąć
  • European Portuguese: arrumar
  • Romanian: a pune în ordine
  • Russian: убирать
  • Spanish: recoger ordenar
  • Swedish: städa
  • Thai: จัดให้เป็นระเบียบเรียบร้อย
  • Turkish: derleyip toplamak
  • Ukrainian: прибирати
  • Vietnamese: sắp xếp gọn gàng
British English: collect /kəˈlɛkt/ VERB
person If you collect someone from a place, you go there and take them away.
She collected the children from school.
  • American English: collect
  • Arabic: يَأْخُذُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: buscar
  • Chinese: 接走
  • Croatian: pokupiti
  • Czech: vyzvednoutkoho kde
  • Danish: hente
  • Dutch: ophalen
  • European Spanish: recoger
  • Finnish: hakea
  • French: aller chercher
  • German: abholen
  • Greek: παίρνω
  • Italian: andare a prendere
  • Japanese: ・・・を迎えにいく
  • Korean: 데리러 가다
  • Norwegian: hente
  • Polish: odbierać
  • European Portuguese: recolher
  • Romanian: a lua pe cineva
  • Russian: забирать группу
  • Spanish: recoger
  • Swedish: hämta
  • Thai: รับ
  • Turkish: almak
  • Ukrainian: забирати з
  • Vietnamese: đón
British English: pick /pɪk/ VERB
pluck When you pick flowers, fruit, or leaves, you take them from a plant or tree.
I've picked some flowers from the garden.
  • American English: pick
  • Arabic: يَقْطِفُ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: colher
  • Chinese: 采摘
  • Croatian: brati
  • Czech: trhatkvěty, ovoce
  • Danish: plukke
  • Dutch: plukken
  • European Spanish: recoger
  • Finnish: poimia
  • French: cueillir
  • German: pflücken
  • Greek: κόβω
  • Italian: raccogliere
  • Japanese: ・・・を摘む
  • Korean: 따다
  • Norwegian: plukke
  • Polish: zebrać
  • European Portuguese: colher
  • Romanian: a culege
  • Russian: срывать
  • Spanish: recoger
  • Swedish: plocka
  • Thai: เก็บดอกไม้
  • Turkish: toplamak
  • Ukrainian: збирати
  • Vietnamese: hái
British English: enshrine VERB
If something such as an idea or a right is enshrined in something such as a constitution or law, it is protected by it.
This system is enshrined in the Constitution.
British English: garner VERB
If someone has garnered something useful or valuable, they have gained it or collected it.
He had garnered three times as many votes as opponent.
British English: glean VERB
If you glean something such as information or knowledge, you learn or collect it slowly and patiently, and perhaps indirectly.
At present we're gleaning information from all sources.
British English: reap VERB
If you reap the benefits or the rewards of something, you enjoy the good things that happen as a result of it.
You'll soon begin to reap the benefits of being fitter.


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