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masculine noun

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Example Sentences Including 'sendero'

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- Varón de muy varias y desconcertantes lecturas, que por el sendero teosófico lindan con la cábala y el ocultismo.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)
El pueblo despertaba también: había en las chimeneas penachos de humo gris, chirriaba el eje de algún carro, bajaba una cuadrilla por el sendero de la mina.
José María Merino Novela de Andrés Choz
En su sendero hemos tropezado los dos con la misma piedra, el amor.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)
LA libertad es un sendero abierto de múltiples ramales, algunos lacerantes, que siempre conduce a un abismo; al final está la gloria.
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1994)
Las rocas y los árboles quedan ahora en lo oscuro y apenas se adivina el sendero.
José María Merino Novela de Andrés Choz
Para él el arte de escribir consiste en " prolongar por un misterioso sendero mi propia forma de vivir y de ser ".
El Mundo del Siglo Veintiuno (1996)
Poco tiempo después, tras unas vueltas del sendero , aparecieron tres casitas de madera en muy mal estado.
César Pérez de Tudela Horizontes verticales

Trends of 'sendero'

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'sendero' in Other Languages

British English: footpath /ˈfʊtˌpɑːθ/ NOUN
A footpath is a path for people to walk on.
  • American English: footpath
  • Arabic: طَرِيقٌ لِلمَارَّة
  • Brazilian Portuguese: trilha
  • Chinese: 小路
  • Croatian: pješačka staza
  • Czech: pěšina
  • Danish: gangsti
  • Dutch: voetpad
  • European Spanish: sendero
  • Finnish: polku
  • French: sentier
  • German: Fußweg
  • Greek: μονοπάτι
  • Italian: sentiero
  • Japanese: 歩行者用の小道
  • Korean: 보도
  • Norwegian: gangsti
  • Polish: chodnik ścieżka
  • European Portuguese: caminho para peões
  • Romanian: potecă
  • Russian: пешеходная дорожка
  • Spanish: sendero
  • Swedish: gångstig
  • Thai: ทางเดิน
  • Turkish: patika
  • Ukrainian: тротуар
  • Vietnamese: đường đi bộ
British English: path /pɑːθ/ NOUN
A path is a strip of ground that people walk along.
...the garden path.
  • American English: path
  • Arabic: سَبِيلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caminho
  • Chinese: 小路
  • Croatian: staza
  • Czech: pěšina
  • Danish: spor vej
  • Dutch: pad weggetje
  • European Spanish: sendero
  • Finnish: polku
  • French: chemin
  • German: Pfad
  • Greek: μονοπάτι
  • Italian: percorso
  • Japanese: 小道
  • Korean:
  • Norwegian: sti
  • Polish: ścieżka
  • European Portuguese: caminho
  • Romanian: cărare
  • Russian: тропа
  • Spanish: sendero
  • Swedish: stig
  • Thai: ทางเดิน
  • Turkish: patika
  • Ukrainian: стежка
  • Vietnamese: đường đi
British English: track /træk/ NOUN
path A track is a narrow road or path.
We set off once more, over a rough mountain track.
  • American English: track
  • Arabic: مَسَار
  • Brazilian Portuguese: caminho
  • Chinese: 轨道
  • Croatian: staza
  • Czech: polní cesta
  • Danish: bane
  • Dutch: voetspoor
  • European Spanish: sendero huella
  • Finnish: pyörän ura
  • French: piste musique
  • German: Pfad
  • Greek: αποτύπωμα
  • Italian: traccia
  • Japanese: 小道
  • Korean: 통로
  • Norwegian: spor sti/vei
  • Polish: ślad trop
  • European Portuguese: caminho
  • Romanian: cărare
  • Russian: след
  • Spanish: pista banda de cinta o disco magnético
  • Swedish: spår
  • Thai: หนทาง
  • Turkish: engebeli yol
  • Ukrainian: стежка
  • Vietnamese: đường mòn
British English: pathway NOUN
walkway A pathway is a path which you can walk along.
He was coming up the pathway.
British English: trail NOUN
A trail is a rough path across open country or through forests.
He was following a trail through the trees.
  • American English: trail
  • Brazilian Portuguese: rastro
  • Chinese: > 崎岖小路乡间或林中的
  • European Spanish: sendero
  • French: piste
  • German: Spur
  • Italian: pista
  • Japanese: 踏み分け道
  • Korean: 산길
  • European Portuguese: rasto
  • Spanish: sendero


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