'cause' 的定义


同义词 "cause"
同义词 "cause"
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单词列表:"Law terms"
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含 cause的例句

这些示例已被自动选择并可能包含敏感内容。 阅读更多…
This can be very helpful in detecting one possible cause of your symptoms. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Since then they have improved security and thrown out the odd person who has caused a problem. The Sun (2016)Our four good causes were picked to help those who deserve the most help. The Sun (2016)Tourists taking selfies and groups of laughing visitors have caused concern in the past. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Another reason why bosses with too much testosterone cause trouble is that their presence tends to lead to excessive board politics. Times, Sunday Times (2016)He needn't worry about that song causing a riot. The Sun (2016)If any of these hair-raising prospects had come to pass, there would be a cause for genuine alarm. The Sun (2016)When young people cause disturbances in public how often do us adults intervene? Times, Sunday Times (2008)It soon becomes apparent that there was no one single cause. Times, Sunday Times (2012)Too many language differences and the misunderstandings they bring can cause all kinds of accidents to happen. The Sun (2006)What factors are most likely to cause a pastor to be discouraged? Christianity Today (2000)Surely this tells us something about the cause of our problems. Times, Sunday Times (2008)The pattern of causes is obviously complex. Bee, Helen The Developing Child (7th edn.) (1995)They raced out to find the cause. Campbell, Eileen & Brennan, J. H. Dictionary of Mind, Body and Spirit (1994)And one possible answer is the biggest cause for concern. Times, Sunday Times (2010)They said that a postmortem examination would be needed to determine the cause of death. Times, Sunday Times (2016)This is a genuine cause for concern and adds to the uncertain outlook. Times, Sunday Times (2011)The snow also caused extensive damage to trees that had just come into leaf. Times, Sunday Times (2016)They go on strike during the most vulnerable periods to cause as much disruption as possible. The Sun (2011)This is a common cause of bad breath. Chaitow, Leon Bad Breath (1994)They all selflessly cut loose for a good cause. Times, Sunday Times (2013)This association may or may not be one of cause and effect. McKenzie, James F. & Pinger, Robert R. An Introduction to Community Health (1995)Treatment of the elderly is a particular cause for concern. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Survival alone is not sufficient cause for celebration. Times, Sunday Times (2015)Some members of the liberal opposition are nervous about making common cause with the nationalists. Times, Sunday Times (2012)The disease spreads outward causing inflammation in the surrounding area. Holford, Patrick The Family Nutrition Workbook (1988)Taking time to listen can turn a person who caused problems into a friend with love potential. The Sun (2014)

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cause 的趋势

极其常用。在柯林斯辞典中, cause 是1千个最常用词之一。


cause 的翻译

英式英语: cause /kɔːz/ NOUN
event The cause of an event is the thing that makes it happen.
We still don't know the exact cause of the accident.
  • 美式英语: cause reason
  • 阿拉伯语: سَبَب
  • 巴西葡萄牙语: causa
  • 简体中文: 原因
  • 克罗地亚语: uzrok
  • 捷克语: příčina
  • 丹麦语: årsag
  • 荷兰语: reden oorzaak
  • 欧洲西班牙语: causa
  • 芬兰语: syy
  • 法语: cause
  • 德语: Ursache
  • 希腊语: αιτία
  • 意大利语: causa
  • 日语: 理由
  • 韩语: 원인
  • 挪威语: grunn
  • 波兰语: powód
  • 欧洲葡萄牙语: causa
  • 罗马尼亚语: cauză
  • 俄语: причина
  • 西班牙语: causa razón
  • 瑞典语: orsak
  • 泰语: สาเหตุ
  • 土耳其语: neden
  • 乌克兰语: причина
  • 越南语: nguyên do
英式英语: cause /kɔːz/ NOUN
aim A cause is an aim which a group of people supports or is fighting for.
...present-day supporters of the cause.
  • 美式英语: cause ideals
  • 阿拉伯语: قَضِيَّة
  • 巴西葡萄牙语: causa
  • 简体中文: 事业
  • 克罗地亚语: cilj
  • 捷克语: věc
  • 丹麦语: sag
  • 荷兰语: doel idealen
  • 欧洲西班牙语: causa
  • 芬兰语: asia kannatuksen kohde
  • 法语: cause
  • 德语: Sache
  • 希腊语: σκοπός ιδανικό
  • 意大利语: causa
  • 日语: 大義
  • 韩语: 이상 이상적
  • 挪威语: sak
  • 波兰语: motyw
  • 欧洲葡萄牙语: causa
  • 罗马尼亚语: cauză
  • 俄语: цель
  • 西班牙语: causa ideales
  • 瑞典语: sak
  • 泰语: เป้าหมาย
  • 土耳其语: amaç
  • 乌克兰语: справа
  • 越南语: sự nghiệp
英式英语: cause /kɔːz/ VERB
To cause something, usually something bad, means to make it happen.
Attempts to limit family size among some minorities are likely to cause problems.
  • 美式英语: cause
  • 阿拉伯语: يُسَبِّبُ
  • 巴西葡萄牙语: causar
  • 简体中文: 引起
  • 克罗地亚语: prouzročiti
  • 捷克语: způsobit
  • 丹麦语: forårsage
  • 荷兰语: veroorzaken
  • 欧洲西班牙语: causar
  • 芬兰语: aiheuttaa
  • 法语: causer
  • 德语: verursachen
  • 希腊语: προκαλώ
  • 意大利语: provocare
  • 日语: 引き起こす
  • 韩语: 원인이 되다
  • 挪威语: forårsake
  • 波兰语: spowodować
  • 欧洲葡萄牙语: causar
  • 罗马尼亚语: a cauza
  • 俄语: послужить причиной
  • 西班牙语: causar
  • 瑞典语: orsaka
  • 泰语: ทำให้เกิด
  • 土耳其语: yol açmak
  • 乌克兰语: спричиняти
  • 越南语: gây ra


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